Our success is based on a mutual and honest approach, ensuring a solid foundation on which to reach the best quality outcome. Our Residen Construction offers a full range of expertise in the core disciplines of construction including:

We provide a range of civil engineering and building construction services across India. We build venerable relationships with our clients and always make every effort to go above the entitle of duty no matter who we work with. With a team of more than 600 people and delivering close to 40 major projects across India, our service offering across key sectors including building construction, land development, roads and bridges, water infrastructure, rail, and defense.

Our in-house precast facility and fleet of more than 1200 piece of a plant not only allow us to provide cost savings to our clients but mobilize anywhere in India.

Individual houses

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Commercial Building

Building Plans {Architecture}

At Residen, we have a responsibility to develop buildings and structures infeasible and cost-effective ways. Our industry-leading project management, construction and design services underpinned by our in-house scientific expertise and modern thinking, ensure all buildings we construct are delivered to the highest quality and are practical and sustainable. With a track record of delivering quality builds for both private and public clients, we operate across the commercial, retail, residential, education, medical, industrial and defense sectors…..Read More

Building Plans
3D Plan

3D Floor Plan

Our Company Helps customers to easily visualize and conceptualize their dreams in the design of their home and shop properties in 3 dimensions through our 3D Floor Plan, 3D Site Plan, and 3D Sections Plan. 3D  FLOOR PLAN  => Our firm believes in the emotional and commercial focal point of client’s decision of buying or investing any real estate property. That’s why we are familiar with and deliver the most advanced 3D Interactive presentation of your property time experience. That’s why we desire to say, our 3D Interactive production is “Bought Home before Buy”. Our Floor Plan Designer Artist is expert in all type of floor plans like home, office, hotel, and resort…...Read More

Exterior Design

Everyone dreams of a spectacular home that stands out amongst the others on the street. The exterior of a home plays a crucial role in making guests and neighbors stop in their tracks and gawk in awe. Hence, planning the exterior design of a home is a daunting process of color choices, materials and balancing shape. Exteriors reflect the overall style of the home and say a lot about the family that lives there; so if you’re not giving the right vibes, it might be time for an update. Take a look through the exteriors, images of front doors, and gates or read on for a few more pointers……Read More

Exterior design
Interior Design

Interior Design

Whether you live is a 10 bedroom bungalow or a 3 bedroom apartment, it will feel like home only when you create a cohesive look that represents your style. This when the work of a professional interior designer can make all the difference. The interior design of the space will determine vital factors ranging from mood to efficiency. So, whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home, or simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor, seeking the help of professional interior designers and decorators in Guntur is a must……Read More

Building Contract

When building a new house, people often turn to architects to kick off the project. However, a different model is becoming quite popular: design-build. Instead of dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies, you can hire a full-service firm to design and build your entire project, from initial sketches through final construction. Learn more about how to choose the right design-build professionals for your home project. Contracts are an essential part of the construction. A Contract between an Owner of a site and a Building Contractor……Read More

Building Contract
Construction Consultency

Municipality Plans

Residen construction is passionate about providing innovative and implementable planning solutions and exceptional urban design that improve the quality of people’s lives by fostering the creation of complete and sustainable communities. As an award-winning leader in the planning and design of communities in both urban and rural environments, Residen offers a full spectrum of municipal land use planning services Our strength lies in our ability to provide innovative and practical solutions to the increasingly complex challenges of today’s planning environment……Read More.

Landsape Design

Updating your home’s landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property and create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Whether you want to focus on your front yard, backyard or the entire piece of land, there are many interesting options to consider. In the backyard, you can create a space for entertaining friends and family complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire feature, pool and more, or you could create a lush garden that attracts wildlife and allows you to relax and reflect. In the front yard you could amp up curb appeal with a beautiful walkway or you could tear up your lawn in favor of an eco-friendly garden……Read More.

landscape design