Exterior design

Exterior Design

Everyone thoughts of an impressive home that stands out amongst the others on the street. The exterior of a home plays a crucial role in making guests and neighbors stop in their tracks and gawk in awe. Hence, planning the exterior design of a home is a daunting process of color choices, materials and balancing shape. Exteriors reflect the overall style of the home and say a lot about the family that lives there; so if you’re not giving the right vibes, it might be time for an update. Take a look through the exteriors, images of front doors, and gates or read on for a few more pointers and Garden and landscape designthe development and decorative planting of gardens, yards, grounds, parks, and other types of areas. Garden and landscape design is used to enhance the settings for buildings and public areas and in recreational areas and parks. It is one of the attractive arts and is allied to design, horticulture and city planning. Garden and landscape design deals with the treatment of land areas not covered by buildings, when those areas are considered important to visual experience

At Residen, we have a responsibility to develop buildings and structures in feasible and cost-effective ways. Our industryóleading project management, design and building services, underpinned by our in-house technical expertise and innovative thinking, ensure all buildings we construct are delivered to the highest quality, are practical and sustainable. With a track record for delivering quality builds for both private and public clients, we operate across the commercial, retail, residential, education, industrial and defense sectors. Our Company Help customers to easily visualize and conceptualize their dreams in the design of their home and shop properties in 3 dimensions through our 3D Floor Plan, 3D Site Plan and 3D Sections Plan. Hence, planning the exterior design of a home is a daunting process of color choices, balancing shape and materials. Exteriors reproduce the by and large style of the home and declare a lot about the family that lives there; so if you’re not giving the true sensations, it might be time for an update.


Residen Constructions are continuously interested in talented individuals who want to Build their Homes, Buildings and Affordable Designs. We nurture innovative thought and encourage our people to think out of the box to develop ideas in the interests of our clients and our business.

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